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Solving small problems to reap big benefits

Jordan Rhea
Self-employed developer

Schools use many different systems to keep things running smoothely. Unfortunately this can often put a large burden on the faculty.

Often it is the teachers meant to learn new systems on top of their already heavy workload. The goal of this project was to create connections between the main systems used at Keystone and leverage those connections to make things easier.

Teachers should be focused on teaching, not tech-ing

…unless they want to tech of course! Hopefully that is why you are reading this blog, and other blogs like it!

Some of the tools that have been built are:

  • A summative calendar in Microsoft Teams that helps department planning avoid scheduling all their summative assessments simultaneously
  • A sharepoint connection to the feedback that teachers are giving in Managebac
  • Daily emails providing log entries from PowerSchool directly to the advisors and grade level leaders

Connect with me and let’s talk about these tools and more that can be built!

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