Print a new number by adding one to each of its digit

June 6th, 2019

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A number is input in computer then a new no should get printed by adding one to each of its digit. If you encounter a 9, insert a 10 (don’t carry over, just shift things around).

For example, 998 becomes 10109.


function addOnes(num) {
  const split = num.toString().split('');

  return => +each + 1).join('');


This challenge is trivial to do if you map it to a string to iterate over the input, operate, and then cast it back. Instead, try doing it without casting it as a string at any point, keep it numeric (int, float if you need it) only.


function addOnesBonus(num) {
  const digits = [];

  while(num > 0) {
    digits[digits.length] = (num % 10) + 1;
    num = parseInt(num / 10);

  return digits.reduce((a, b, ind) => {
    return b * Math.pow(10, ind) + a;
  }, 0);

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