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Looking at the Data!

June 4th, 2019

I wanted to take a look at the responses to the Game of Thrones data I got back in my Game of thrones season 8 bracket so I thought there were some good ways to leverage apps script to do that.

You may be saying to yourself “But Jordan… you can just use =COUNT(...)” or some other built in formulas.

To that I say… what is the fun in that? Lets write some code…

function ANALYZE_RESPONSES(responses, colOrder) {
  var headers = responses.shift();
  colOrder = colOrder[0];
  var analysis =, ind) {
    var [house, name] = character.toString().split(' [');
    name = name.substring(0, name.length - 1);

    var tally = colOrder.reduce(function(acc, each) {
      acc[each] = 0;
      return acc;
    }, {});

    for (var i = 0; i < responses.length; i++) {

    //then aggregate the tally with the order of the columns
    var aggregates = {
      return Math.round((tally[col] / responses.length) * 100);

    //add the conditional formatting to the table

    return [house, name].concat(aggregates);

  return analysis;

This gives us a formula that we can use to create:

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