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Gantt Charts with Microsoft Planner

May 24th, 2021

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Horizontal and vertical planning with Gantt Charts

In our office we are using Microsoft Planner to keep track of the projects and tasks that we are working on. In a school as big as this, there are lots of planning problems especially since our department touches so many different parts of the school world.

My solution for the end of the year planning retreat was to put together a small web app that would leverage the Google Charts to create charts we can use for planning.

Simple Steps

First step

Save the Microsoft Planner as and excel file.

how to export from planner

Second step

Import the export into and you will have the choice to select any or all of the labels that you have already defined in your planner.

gantt results

Final step

Use the results!

gantt results

Each label that you select becomes its own gantt chart. Currently it is set up to work with our schedule, but I wonder how I can improve the code to make it more dynamic. Perhaps there needs to be some date selects to toggle different views easily for different planning groups.

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