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Documenting some of the projects I have worked on and am still working on. The learning process never stops in the wonder world of web development

Caption Creator for Google Drive
Drive Title Copier
Easy Grader
Contact Creator
ClassDojo Chrome Extension
Library Genre Quiz App
Email Summarizer
Google Innovator Academy Dashboard
Contact Form
UBD Unit Planner
HTML Templating
Wonder Wall Display
Instant Feedback
Installable Triggers
The Goodreads API in a Custom Function
Autocompleting Documentation
Multi-DropDown DataValidation
Cart Scheduler
Version Control your Apps Scripts with Github
Use Codepen to Layout your HTML and CSS
Classroom Twitter
Sharable Link Trigger
Summer Vacation Map
New Google Slides Service
Return JSON with ContentService
The Calendar and the Date Object
Apps Script Boilerplate
The Properties Service
Stranger Things
SASSy Styles with the Create React App Tool
Create Calendar Events
Digital App Dice
Insert From Drawings
Star Wars Crawl with Google Docs
New Innovator Dashboard
Adding Rows to a Sheet from a WebApp
Google Forms Are Boring
Build a Zillow Pricing Custom Function
Brackets are Coming
Writing Poetry for Friends
Holiday Gift Exchange
Build a Dokku Server and Deploy a GraphQL Stack
Comment Harvester ... At Long Last!
Looking at the Data!
What is a 6-Day Schedule?
Build a Find and Replace function in Google Sheets
Keystone Calendars
Shunyi Today
Axis-aligned crate packing
Print a new number by adding one to each of its digit
The Revised Julian Calendar
Building a Data Studio Connector with Apps Script
Update Sheet from Remote CSV Files
Google Classroom API Builder
The Havel-Hakimi algorithm for graph realization
Covid-19 Query Time
Emailing with Inline Images
Fun with Cloud Functions
Parsing a PDF to CSV